Thank you so much for joining me here. ✨ Literally Just Thriving (LJT) is my little corner of the internet where I will talk about… a little of everything. Well, maybe not everything. Some things. Whatever I can be bothered to talk about.

I initially started this passion project with the intention of it being a book blog; I called it The Little Nerdmaid, and while I was very proud of my brainchild, the way life was going for me wasn’t conducive to me being able to regularly keep up a blog just for books. I struggle a lot with being able to sit down and read these days, and since I haven’t regularly read in over two years, my blog sat neglected.

So, in an attempt to breathe new life into my internet baby, I’ve decided to broaden my blog horizons. I’ll still talk about books, whenever I get around to reading one, but I’ll also talk about other things that I feel I have some ability to speak on: being a young Black woman, managing mental health, and the continuous journey to self-love and self-acceptance among other topics.

Really, this blog might just act as a journal of sorts. A tool to help me navigate and process the many, many thoughts that run through my tired little brain. It’s so incredibly helpful to get your burdens off your chest. When you do, you free yourself from the weight of your worries, and you start to thrive. And that’s the goal with this project: to thrive.

I figure if something’s been on my mind, it’s probably on someone else’s. Maybe my words can help someone else, maybe I can offer some assurance to some other perpetually anxious woman who also has no idea what she’s doing with her life.

Or maybe no one will read anything I post and I’ll just be talking to myself. That’s fine, too. I enjoy my own company. Whether I manage to build a following, or I am my own following, I am incredibly excited to see where I take this blog, and maybe even where it takes me.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading, and I do hope you’ll decide to stick around.

Much love,

Amber ❤